Friday, February 25, 2011

Toddler activity: More fun with boxes

Nate's been under the weather all week, and OH MY GOD - IT IS STILL I'm always looking for indoor activities that kill some time. Um, I mean, I'm always looking for activities that Nate will enjoy for more than a few minutes at a time. 

We've enjoyed climbing on pillow mountains and playing Hide-the-Elmo (note to the Easter Bunny, you better hide those eggs in really obvious places or they'll be rotting before Natey finds them). We also did a lot of the usual this week. Playing with boxes, feeding stuffed animals, quenching the thirst of play dough cow heads:

What? You can't tell that's a cow head and basin of water?

Yesterday I tried to get more creative. I took one of the twenty diaper boxes laying around and taped it up to make a mailbox. Nate doesn't really know what a mailbox is, but he enjoyed decorating the sides with paper, tape and crayons. Since I'm trying to teach him about shapes, I cut out a ton of little shapes (that loosely resembled circles, triangles and squares - I don't know what's wrong with me, but I was not on my A-game yesterday with the scissors...hmmm, maybe a fifth cup of coffee would have helped) from construction paper and told him to put them through the slot on the bottom.  

It started out well:

But then he got frustrated by the size of the opening, which didn't really allow him to shove the paper into the box they way he wanted to:

angry blur

We had more luck this morning. I think it was because we started the day with bunny ears (they help everything):

We discovered the side openings were much more conducive to mailing the shapes Nathaniel-style:

Was your week as exciting as mine? What did you do?

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