Thursday, March 3, 2011

Bilibo - the amazing wonder toy!

Kid-O Bilibo - BlueIf Nate had a profile, he would include, at the very top of his interests - maybe even before traveling and quiet nights home with a bottle of wine: sitting in random things (i.e. boxes and baskets) and putting random things on my head (i.e. boxes and baskets). So when I read about the Kid-O Bilibo, I thought it would be perfect for Nate. It's the award winning (well that's what it says everywhere - I have no idea which awards - but it sounds impressive) all purpose toy from Sweden that kids can turn into anything they want. Like a chair. Or a hat. Perfect!

Dave told me not to get it: "It will just be another piece of barely used junk on our floor." But, honey... didn't you hear? It's AWARD WINNING. From SWEDEN. Sold!   

He wants to like it

But he just doesn't quite have the hang of it

Okay, so far, Dave is totally winning. It's not getting much use. Nate's having a tough time sitting in it by himself without slipping. And though he enjoys me spinning him around in it, he doesn't seem interested in doing much else with it. But I'm not giving up! I think that maybe he's still a little too young and will appreciate it more in a few months. We'll be back, Bilibo, we'll be back.

Anyone else have the Bilibo? What do your kids think of it?

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