Thursday, March 17, 2011

Letter to Nathaniel at nineteen months

Dear Natey-Nate,

Well hello Mr. Independent. You are doing so many new things on your own now. I look at you and see only about ten percent baby left. You're such a little boy now. The other day we went to the park and you climbed up the gym equipment, sat down, swung your legs around and came down the slide all by yourself for the first time....and about twenty times after that. I still need to catch you at the bottom (about two of the twenty times down the slide would have resulted in bloodshed if I hadn't caught you in time), but you did such a great job on your own. You were beaming with pride every time you sat at the top of the slide and shimmied your little diapered butt in place. And I was so proud of you too.

You're also really into washing your hands by yourself. Auntie Dana's parents sent you an adorable wooden chair/stool when you were born. I'm so pleased that you have finally learned to use it for something other than injuring yourself. We leave it by the bathroom for times when you decide it's time to wash up (which is often): "HAN!" You carry the stool over to the sink and stick your right hand -only- under the water. Of course, no soap is allowed.

We have some new favorite games. You love to go shopping in the kitchen. You empty the bottom three pantry shelves of food into your shopping cart, then you wheel the cart around the kitchen. This is your third favorite kitchen game, with helping mommy unload the groceries coming in first place, and emptying out your drawer of dishes ranking second. And just like Daddy, you love basketball. The hoop we got you for Christmas has finally been getting some attention. You've even made three baskets on your own! You've also been really into building block buildings for your zoo animals and people. Or rather directing me to build them.

You're talking up a storm. You say at least one new word everyday. I cannot get over how many words you know. You're getting easier to understand and clearing up some "baby" versions of words....for instance, you are no longer "Deet," you are Nate. And The Count is no longer "Two," he's Count. It makes me sad and happy at the same time to have you grow so quickly.

You know at least three quarters of the alphabet. You keep blowing me away by answering correctly time and again when I point to different letters. You know pretty much all of your colors, but get confused every once in awhile. We're still working on shapes and numbers. You love to hear me count but two is still your favorite number. 

I have to tell you something. I know most moms love their kids, and I love you like you wouldn't believe. But I'm not sure all them actually like their kids.  Well I want you to know that I really, really like you. I think you are an awesome little boy. You're so sweet - good at sharing and quick to hand out hugs and kisses. You have nothing but positive things to say about everyone. I've lost count of all the people you've told me are "cute" and all of the things you think are good ("goo"). I love the ways you're like Daddy. You're pretty even- tempered and generally always in a good mood. Melt downs are rare and usually only caused from your refusal to sleep (which you get from Daddy too).

I love the ways in which you're not like me - you're not shy at all and usually jump right into new activities and hanging out with new people. I love the ways you remind me of myself, like with your weird sense of humor. This morning you insisted on brushing your armpits with your toothbrush. Every time I tried to take the toothbrush away you'd convince me that you would brush your teeth...only to return to your armpit grooming. Nutcase. You make me laugh. Especially with this new smiling thing you won't stop doing:

I love you more than tongue can tell.

~ Mama

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