Thursday, March 10, 2011

What we're reading: Piggies

Nate got several adorable books from his aunt for Christmas. His newest obsession is Piggies: Lap-Sized Board Book by Audrey & Don Wood. See? He's head over heels for it. (Um, I don't know what he's actually trying to do in that picture.)

The text is simple and the pictures are beautiful, with a dream-like quality. If that dream was induced by hallucinogens. The weird, trippy pigs dance upon fingertips and toes on every page. And the hands in the book are childsized (if a preschooler had man-hands). I love it. And so does Nate. 

My favorite thing about having this book is that Nate acts out cold by shivering when he gets to the cold piggy page. So cute.

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