Friday, April 15, 2011

Help for little roosters: The Good Nite Lite

Nate went through a phase where he was waking up at the crack of dawn (or before) every morning. And by phase I mean his entire life until about a month ago. Six in the morning I can live with. Five, four-thirty...that is unbearable.

The Good Nite Lite

While searching for solutions, I kept reading about the The Good Nite Lite. It's a behavioral modification tool, designed to help train children to stay in bed until a reasonable hour. The moon lights up at night, signaling bed time and changes to a sun when it's time to get up for the day. There's a little digital clock in the back that you set - so you determine bedtime and awake time. I got it about six weeks ago, even though the recommended age is for older children (I think three to five years). After starting my day before five in the morning for a week straight, I was willing to try anything.

Strangely, right about the time we got it, Nate started sleeping until after six every morning. But I can't thank the Good Nite Lite, because it wasn't in his room in the beginning. We started out with the light in the dining room to see how it worked, and to make sure it didn't scare Nate. I think his better sleep habits have more to do with not teething and another round of Ferber. That said, the night light has been a fantastic addition to our home.

Nate is obsessed with the night light and is so excited to see the moon "up" at 7:00 pm, that it is an easy transition from play time to bed time. The moon is brightest for the first hour and then dims to a lower setting for the remainder of the night. While the moon is definitely the most enthralling part of the light, he gets a big kick when the sun is up in the morning too - "The sun is up, time for all dogs to get up!" The sun is up for a couple of hours, I think, and then it shuts off.

The only annoying thing about the light is that, just as advertised, it's a night light - which means it is designed to plug right into the wall. And since all of the outlets in Nate's room are around the baseboard, we have them all hidden away. My solution was plugging it into an extension cord and draping the cord over the box it came in, as above. Not super stylish, but Nate can see it from his crib, which is the point.

Do you know any tricks for early risers?

In other super exciting news, my niece was just born! Welcome to the world Alice Penelope!! I can't wait to meet you and love you to pieces already.

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