Monday, April 11, 2011

Letter to twenty month old Nathaniel

Dear Nate,

Another month has gone by in a blur! Twenty months...that is almost two years old. I have a two year old. Okay, not yet. But still - unreal.

When I think back on this month, the thing that strikes me the most about you is your language development. Your vocabulary continues to grow with new words every single day. But more than that, you're really starting to put the words together. Blue car. Bye daddy. Watch Elmo. Yesterday you put three words together and it was your first real sentence. Can you believe Daddy and I can't remember what it was? Horrible. I think it might have in fact been about watching Elmo. You're even more obsessed with Sesame than before. I didn't think that was possible.

You're also so specific. That picture in the book is not just a truck, it's a digger. Or a tractor. You know that a bird's mouth is a beak, a duck's mouth is a bill and horse's hair is called a mane. You are so ready to learn anything I want to teach you. Except that lesson on not throwing your food. Seriously, Nate, would you PLEASE stop throwing your food? When are you planning on growing out of that phase?

Speaking of are great at saying please. Especially when you want to manipulate us. You're pretty good at the thank yous too. Your manners take a dive around the nose picking department, but at least you still really like to wash your hands.

You know all of your colors really well. It always make me giggle when you say yellow (lello). If I show you a letter of the alphabet and ask you what it is, you usually get it right. You love hearing us count - you like to do the pointing - and have ventured beyond two to include other numbers. When Daddy was counting to three yesterday you shouted out three! before he could. That was a first. We're still working on shapes, but you have a good handle on triangles (I'm sure because Telly on Sesame Street loves them) and circles.

One of my favorite discoveries has been in the music department. You know the words to so many songs - I had no idea. It turns out that if I leave out words, you easily fill them in. Our favorites include Baa, Baa Black Sheep, Three Little Monkeys Jumping on the Bed and this little ditty:

I love watching the little routines that you share only with Daddy - fist bumps, saying dickens when you see him (because Daddy always calls you a little dickens) and of course cheering for your team - throwing your fist in the air, finger extended, shouting "METS!"


You make me laugh. I love you...

more than tongue can tell.

love, Mommy

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