Friday, April 29, 2011

My son is being potty trained against my will

Warning: this post is really crappy.

BABYBJÖRN Little Potty - Blue

There are certain milestones in Nate's life that I have been very excited for him to reach. Rolling over, signing back, speaking. And then there are have been the milestones for which I have been in no rush for Nate to achieve. Like walking. I figured he would do it eventually and in the meantime I would enjoy the fact that he couldn't reach the remote anytime he wanted to, turn the channel to the public access station and giggle devilishly while running away with it.

Another milestone I expected to approach with no hurry was potty training. Most little boys I know weren't potty trained until they were about three, so I figured I wouldn't even think about it until Nate was at least two years old. I haven't read much about it, except for the basics in Brazelton's Touchpoints-Birth to Three. But I know enough to know that Nate isn't really exhibiting all of the signs that signal it's time to begin. While we discuss his pooping frequently (sometimes before, sometimes after, but not every time) he has only told me once that he had to pee. And he is no where near being able to pull his pants down by himself.

So it completely shocked me when Nate asked to sit on the (real) toilet to go pee earlier this week. I let him sit without a diaper, but it was too big and weird for him and he seemed overwhelmed. But then he asked again later that day and this time laughed when I put him on the toilet, like it was a terrifically fun activity for the afternoon. Hmmm, interesting. If he's expressing interest, I certainly don't want to dissuade him from trying. But holding him up there is really awkward, so I got a big boy potty chair for him on Tuesday. I figured he could sit on it anytime he liked and just become familiar with it for the next couple months.

But I guess that wasn't Nate's plan. On Wednesday morning he decided to sit on it with his diaper on and poop. And by Wednesday night he was pooping in it without a diaper. Like actually using it the way it's intended to be used. What the....? And yesterday we got another poop and a pee (um, mostly in the potty) in the chair. Super fun to clean out, by the way.

This is very strange. And very messy. I don't know if he'll remain interested, but I don't think I'm ready for this.

Advice/stories are welcome! 
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