Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Replacing the plastic in my home :: Chemex Coffeemaker

I want to eliminate the items in my home leaching toxic substances into our bodies. Pots and pans with PFCs, plastic ice cube trays leaching lord knows what (BPA? what else?) into our ice, flame retardants in baby gear, etc, etc... My list is long and overwhelming, not to mention expensive. It kills me that we have to pay more money for less chemicals to enter our body. That's so wrong.

When purchasing plastic, I've taken care to buy safer options. But now I'm reading more and more (like here in this Mighty Nest article) that the "safer" alternatives to endocrine disrupting, toxic chemicals - like BPA - might not be so safe at all. Sigh. I guess the solution is to stay away from plastic all together and stick with glass, stainless steel and wood whenever possible. Easier said then done.

I decided my first step would be to replace my ancient plastic coffee maker. I had looked up glass coffee makers awhile ago, but since I know nothing about brewing coffee beyond pushing the on button, I got intimidated by the foreign alternatives and pushed it off. Luckily, I had the opportunity to see a Chemex coffee maker in action the other day at a relative's house and fell in love.

Chemex Drip Coffee Carafe - 6 Cup

It's very easy and completely plastic free. You simply pop a filter in the top, put your coffee grounds in and pour boiling water on top of that. Voila. It does require an extra step in the coffee making process since you have to boil the water first, but it's completely worth it. Apparently coffee enthusiasts claim that brewing coffee this way makes for a much better cup of coffee. I'm no aficionado - my favorite cups of coffee have come from dirty carts on the street corners of Manhattan - but I have to say, my coffee has been tasting pretty good lately. Even without the proper Chemex filters (I've just been using regular cone filters). And I love that I can reheat the coffee on the stove top, rather than popping it in the microwave.

Have you reduced the plastic in your home? How?

**** If you're tired of feeling like you need a doctorate degree in chemistry just to find safe items for your family, there's hope! The Safe Chemicals Act, which would overhaul the outdated Toxic Substances Control Act, has been introduced into the Senate. Wouldn't it be nice for chemicals to be placed into commerce only after proving their safety? You can read more about the bill here.  And you can contact your senators and encourage them to support the Safe Chemicals Act by clicking here. ****

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