Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Singulair and sleeping side effects in children

As I've mentioned about a billion times, since Nate was about four months old, one of the major challenges in our lives has been sleeping (see here and here). I think we've tried just about every technique and tip and after the twenty-eighth round or so of Ferberizing, Nate has been sleeping like an angel for the past couple of weeks. I think the major difference is that for once in the past year, he is finally not teething. With sixteen teeth in, we only have four more to go and it looks like we've been given a bit of a reprieve.

Little Boogie

But of course, we couldn't be allowed to sleep through the night for more than a week or two. Nate got hit with another bad allergy attack again (at least I'm pretty sure it's indoor allergies). The amazing thing is, as runny as his nose has been and as crummy as he's been feeling, he's actually continued to sleep really well over the past week. But after a week, I realized Claritin just isn't cutting it. I finally filled his Singulair prescription. I had hesitated because the last time he took Singulair, I was pretty sure it screwed up his sleep, waking him up hourly throughout the night. Loads of fun. But he wasn't sleeping so well before the medicine, so I couldn't be sure.

As much as I enjoy hearing, "Mommy. Boogies. Wipe," a hundred times a day, I thought I would give the Singulair another shot. Sure enough after one dose, Nate went from regularly sleeping about eleven hours a night straight (usually 8pm - 7am ish ...HEAVEN!) to waking up at 10:30 pm and staying awake for a good three hours, only to fall asleep for another four or five restless hours. And the next night (without any more doses), Dave had to sleep on his floor half the night, so we could all get a bit of sleep. If I could kill Singulair, I would.

The side effects are listed on their website and the list is full of sleep related side effects. A-holes. Sorry, I'm really tired. I guess it's time to make an appointment with an allergist. For both of us. I'm in pretty rough shape myself. The interesting thing is, I had spoken to our pediatrician (who is fantastic) about my suspicions previously, and she hadn't heard of Singulair causing sleep problems other than nightmares.  A quick google search showed me we are certainly not the only ones with this problem. Beware, allergy sufferers!

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