Wednesday, May 25, 2011

The baby Alice game

Earlier this month we finally got to meet the newest (and very adorable) member of our family, Nate's cousin Alice. Although Nate didn't spend much time playing with the newborn, she certainly made a much bigger impression on him than I realized at the time. Since that visit, she has become the inspiration for one of Nate's newest favorite games - being baby Alice (which, despite the name, is really nothing like Being John Malkovich).

Now, anytime we scoop Nate up and carry him like an infant he is "baby Al-isss." And anytime I change his diaper he is "baby Al-isss." (Leaving me to occasionally play the role of  "Arielelelel," who is Alice's mommy, Aunt Ariel.) And when he wants to get snuggly in his pack and play, wrapped up in his blankie, he is again "baby Al-isss."

I just love his imaginary play. He started feeding his stuffed animals a few month back, but it seems like his imagination has really taken off lately. Not only does he now have a tail, but we're also frequently told about the giraffes, tigers and bears that are apparently living in our bed. (They hide under the pillows.)

What kinds of things are your children imagining? 
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