Friday, June 24, 2011

Baby sign of the week: FISH

When you begin using sign language with your baby or toddler, it's a good idea to focus on signs for concepts that play a big role in your child's everyday life. The more prevalent the concept is in your life, the more likely you'll have opportunities to talk about the concept while using the sign. That's why a lot of experts recommend starting with signs related to eating, such as MILK, MORE and EAT

One of the reasons baby sign language is so successful in facilitating verbal development in children is because conversations can be led by the child. It's easier and more fun to learn just about anything when you have a genuine interest in the subject. Consider what things around your house excite your child. Pets are usually a big hit. For Nate, it was our DOG, WASHING MACHINE and VACUUM.

Nate has an adorable little blue-eyed, blond friend (I may have kind of already arranged their marriage) who has a soft spot for her pet fish, Fat Bastard. Leena, this is for you:

Click here for the ASL sign for fish - the right hand waves back and forth while moving forward a few inches. This resembles the movement of a fish swimming through water.

What funny things around the house did your child love as an infant?

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