Thursday, June 9, 2011

Baby sign of the week: PEACH

As I've mentioned before, since Nate has become so verbal, the baby sign language lessons have slowed down considerably. After all, the main objective (for me) was to facilitate communication, and he's doing a
great job of telling me what's on his mind. But allowing Nate to communicate with us before he could speak wasn't the only benefit of sign language. Studies show that children who are taught baby sign language have higher IQs than their non-signing counterparts, it promotes bonding and it's fun.

compare to Nate signing WATER at 13 months

So now I teach Nate signs mostly for fun. He loves learning and practicing signs. Now that he's older, he even asks me to position his fingers correctly for more difficult signs.  In the video above I had just taught him a new sign - peach, and he practices some old ones too. Here are the official ASL signs for PEACH (we're using version number 2), AVOCADO and WATER.

Am I the only parent letting their kid eat topless in this weather?

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