Friday, June 17, 2011

Cold Spring Harbor

After a lot of recent falls and Wednesday's boo-boo/napping fiasco, I wanted to take the day off from injuries.  I couldn't find any open plays in giant rubber rooms and Dave's suggestion of a gender change was out of the question, so Nate and I took a drive to explore nearby Cold Spring Harbor.

Checking out the turtles at Cold Spring Fish Hatchery & Aquarium
Feeding the fish
Picnic lunch in the park with his PEE-BUTTER SAMICH
A rare car nap saving me from nap training hell for a day

I was thankful he fell asleep in the car. At least it was still another day without me putting him in the crib already asleep (one day closer to breaking our "bad habit" sleep associations). And at least he took a nap - even if it was only a short one. We resumed nap training today and he stayed in his crib talking/crying for forty minutes before I got him out. The only thing that gives me a tiny bit of hope is that he was talking in his crib more and crying a little less. It was also the first day he promised to go to sleep in his crib instead of crying. Obviously he broke his promise, so I'll have to ground him for the weekend.
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