Monday, June 27, 2011

Guacamole expressions

I've taken so many pictures and video of Nate throughout his life that now he requests -often- to be captured on film (er, digitally). "TAKE PIC-TURE. NATE."  Then he likes to see it. "NATE 'IDEO. BACK." As in, turn the camera around and let me see how marvelous I look in that video. I don't know exactly what this says about either of us, but I'm glad he'll have this blog to print out and take to future therapy sessions.

As I've mentioned, we've been talking about emotions lately. So when we were having dinner the other night, I started asking him to make faces for mad, sad, etc. He obliged, but made it clear I should really capture his brilliance on my camera. Please note that while I understand that the "kid with food on their face" is a classic picture for all parents to take, I normally despise those pictures and don't think people should subject others to them. I don't find them cute. I think they are pretty gross (um, except for that one you took of your kid - that was just precious). But, since Nate is my baby and I think everything he does is just amazing, I am breaking my rule today, big time. Prepare for the avocado...

I don't know about his portrayal of mad, but I think scared is pretty good.  And yeah, I know funny isn't an emotion, but he's not familiar with amused yet.  Sheesh.

What's your stance on the food on the face pics?
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