Friday, June 3, 2011

Interview with a toddler

After Nate announced he had a favorite book, I thought it was a good opportunity to discover some of his other favorites. I conducted my hard-hitting interview yesterday:

Tickle interrogation methods may have been employed

Q. Nathaniel, I understand that each member of U2 has their strengths and you appreciate all four artists. But if you had to choose, who would you say is your favorite band member?
A. Edge

Q. I respect that answer and agree with your choice. Now tell me, what is your favorite animal?
A. giraffe

Q. I did not know that, very interesting. I would have expected dog or bunny. And what is your favorite color?
A. Initially he responded: black, but upon further pressing he admitted: all kinds, blue

Q. Blue, that's what I thought. And how about your favorite letter?
A. D

Q. Fair enough, good choice. What about your favorite Sesame Street character?
A. Big Bird

Q. Really? I would have thought Elmo or Ernie. Your favorite number?
A. 2

Q. Now this is a question that I am sure most people are just dying to hear the answer to - what is your favorite food?
A. cats

Q. Hmmm...interesting. That probably explains why you rarely eat the meat I serve you. Final question, and please be specific - your favorite truck?
A. blue tow truck

Does your child enjoy eating cats as well?
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