Thursday, June 30, 2011

Nassau County Museum of Art Sculpture Park

As an army brat (and indecisive adventurous adult), I have moved around a lot. And at each location - at least the ones I can remember - I've been able to find a place that felt magical to me. A place that made me feel serene and centered. One that held the possibility of something extraordinary happening - like maybe finally I would be visited by a supernatural being to be told that yes, I do have special powers, I just have to wait until age 16 21 30 35 for them to be activated.

In Massachusetts I found these places in my own yard and in nearby woods. In Texas, this spot was a path alongside the road. In Manhattan, I was shocked to find that space in The Cathedral Church of St. John the Divine. It has taken two years, but I have finally found a magical place in Long Island too - The Nassau County Museum of Art Sculpture Park.

Running like a "CHEETAH!"

There are acres and acres of sculptures, beautiful gardens and trails. So many hiding spots that I'm sure we could have been watched by mischievous teenagers and serial killers fairies tucked away in the bushes and trees and never have known. The perfect location for a grown woman who likes to play secret agent (um, not that I know anyone who fits that description).
Running like a "CHEETAH MONKEY" in the secret gardens

Oh and then there's the art. The sculptures. You would think that I'd have a better appreciation of contemporary art after working at the CCS Museum at Bard during college. But I don't really. I didn't care for installations that included feces in cans (true story) then and turtle people with backwards heads don't do it for me now. I can say that I did like a few and some were certainly very interesting. But Nate loved each and every one. 

Nate's "FAY-VERT" - Masayuki Nagare's Nagare Bachi
My favorite

Allen Bertoldi's Redbank 31

Nate informed me that this was a "PEN-WIN" (penguin)

Museum in the background

This would be the perfect spot for a wedding

We had the best time and plan to go back soon. Do you have a magical place?
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