Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Natey's book selections

Dave usually gets home from work just in time to read Nate some stories before bed. Nate has been picking out his bedtime stories for a while now and I am always interested in the choices he makes. It used to be a speedy process - we finished reading one book, he hopped down and quickly picked out another. But more recently he's been standing in front of his bookcase, browsing, browsing, browsing... and taking approximately five hours to pick each selection.   

Reading another favorite non-kid's book, 

So last night I asked Nate to pick out his three books ahead of time. He chose an Elmo book, a Boynton book and "SEASEN."  Seasen? Nate, what's Seasen? I don't think we have any book about seasons. Can you show me? And Nate grabs his new favorite book Ancient Rome Past and Present Guide with ReconstructionsOh, Caesar! Nathaniel's new favorite book is a little guide book about Rome I picked up eons ago during my one trip to Italy. He likes to point to the monuments and have us name them. Statue of Nero, Colosseum, Roman Forum. You know, really toddler friendly reading material.

Do your children like your books too?
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