Friday, July 29, 2011


When I was pregnant I read everything I could find about pregnancy. I needed to understand all the crazy things happening to my body, know what was going on with this tiny life inside of me and be prepared in the event any of my greatest fears came true. Like Chadwick's sign. I couldn't deal with actually preparing for a child until after he came.

Since I'm all about being prepared for the important things, I asked my Facebook friends if they had any recommendations for good baby instruction manuals parenting books after Nathaniel was born. A bunch of people told me that I didn't need any books, I should just rely on my maternal instincts and the elders in my village for child rearing advice. "Thanks!" I typed, while rolling my eyes.  Obviously I think it's important to consult with the "experts" in your life, but I think continued education - especially in the most important thing I will ever do - is pretty important as well.

So thanks to all my fancy pants readin', I know that studies show that too much television watching can lead to ADHD, that "moving" naps (i.e. in the stroller) aren't as restful as proper crib naps and encourage bad sleeping habits and that playing with toxic chemical laden plastic toys can mess with the endocrine system and cause cancer.  But you know what? Those "you don't need to read no stinkin' books" people had a point. Because the books don't account for your child's temperament. Or yours. Or your lifestyle.

And that is why as soon as Nate wakes up (out of his stroller), we are going to watch some Sesame and then go outside and play with his plastic water table.

Because they don't make any out of wood.
Are you a hypocrite too?
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