Sunday, July 24, 2011

Finger paints for dessert

One of the challenging aspects of parenthood - for me at least - has been dealing with the fact that babies change so quickly. Eating preferences, sleep habits, favorite games - just when you think you have it all down and you're feeling kind of smug (like you actually might know what you're doing), they go and change on you. So I love when that aspect works to my advantage and we discover that Nate all of a sudden enjoys something that used to make him screech in disgust. The latest example: FINGER PAINT!

When he was nineteen months, we tried it and it was a complete disaster.  I don't know what made me give it another go this week, but I'm so glad I did. Oh, I think he finished his dinner early and I desperately needed to clean some dishes rather than chase him all around our still not quite baby proofed home. He completely took to it this time and has been requesting PAINTS! every night after dinner. Even messier than ice cream, but well worth the effort.

The only problem? They smell all gross and toxic to me. I've tried making my own, but it wasn't pretty. I want an all natural non-toxic paint like Eco Kids Natural Plant Dye Finger Paint, but the one review I read was on the negative side when it came to the staying power of the color. Then again, I don't know that I really care about what it looks like when it dries. We only have so much room on our fridge, so guess where most of Nate's masterpieces end up. SHHHH, don't tell him!

Do your kids like finger paint? Any natural brands to recommend?
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