Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Happy birthday Daddy!

Today is my father's birthday.  I told Nate that Bubba's birthday was coming up over a week ago. I am not exaggerating when I tell you that Nate has mentioned it ("BUBBA BIRDAY COMIN' UP!") every single day since I told him. It's rare that I actually purchase cards and get them out on time. You wouldn't believe the amount of cards I buy that never make it to the intended recipients. If anyone needs a free sympathy card, just swing by my house. But Nate's daily reminders insured that I actually managed to put get my dad's car in the mail on time.  Small victories.

This is take two. Take one has Nate yelling, "SURPRISE" but then not saying much of anything else.

Nate also insisted (every.single.day.) that we needed to send Bubba a truck for his birthday. The color changed depending on his mood. I did not manage to get my act together enough to make this happen. That will have to be a belated gift. But, Dad, I think you should totally wait a few years and cash in on the birthday truck when Nate is a major league pitcher.  It will be a lot nicer than the toy store version he can afford now. Just saying.

I love you, Dad! Have a very happy birthday. Thanks for being part of our small, but very loyal, Nater Tot fan base.  We can't wait to see you in August.
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