Monday, July 18, 2011

Little Mets fan

Just like his Daddy, Nate has been a Mets fan for just about his entire life. He knows Jose Reyes (JOSE!) by sight and a hearty chant of GO METS! (along with a fist pump) is literally part of his bedtime routine.  With the brainwashing going on around here, there is no chance that this child will love the Yankees like his mother's side of the family.
before the game
Nate got his first taste of Citi Field yesterday. He was a bit overwhelmed with the massive amount of people, sights and sounds. Especially since he napped in the car on the way over and he usually requires two hours to "wake up" from a one hour nap. He lasted much longer than we anticipated and we were able to stay about two hours. It took a bit of work to entertain him - lot of walks around the stadium, junk food (ice cream in a helmet and his first sno cone) and attempts by our good friends to distract him. Nate didn't get to see JOSE! play, but he did see Mr. Met walking around the park, so it was totally worth the effort.

Have you taken your kids to any major sporting events?
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