Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Pink flamingos

I left my boys this weekend to visit my grandparents in Florida. It was the first time I've left Nate overnight and I missed him a ton. It was a pleasant surprise to discover that Nate is quite responsive on the telephone and we could have a pretty decent conversation. He told me about all of the fun he was having with Daddy and I had a great time away too.

I let it slip that I had a little surprise for Nate, so instead of saying "we missed you" like he had practiced with Dave, the first thing he out of his mouth when he saw me was, "GIRAFFE?!" I had not brought back a giraffe from Florida, but Nate seemed satisfied with the souvenir I chose. And I got some great hugs and kisses in return.

When did you leave your kids for the first time?
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