Thursday, July 21, 2011

Ugh, do I HAVE to be creative?

When I lie in bed at night writing down my many blessings in my Oprah brand gratitude journal, I often reflect upon my day with Nate and realize with surprise that he only ate half a strawberry and one peanut butter sandwich the entire day. Okay, I'm kidding. I don't really have a gratitude journal. I've tried to be one of those people who ends their day incredibly thankful, but that's just far too positive for me. And anyway, someone in my house is a bit suspicious of Oprah. But I'm not naming any names.

So, what was my point anyway? Oh, yes - Nate barely eats. At least that's what it feels like lately. I'm exaggerating about the strawberry and sandwich thing, but some days not by much. He used to eat so well.  I try so hard to follow all of the expert advice on feeding toddlers - keep offering a wide variety of healthy foods whether he eats them or not, don't pressure him to eat, etc.  But, I mean, the odds are stacked against him. He has supreme picky eating in his blood. And it's so hot out. And he's (almost) two.

While Nate is hesitant to try so many things, I've noticed that he has started to respond to food that is visually fun. So I think if I want him to eat, I'm going to have to get all creative and become one of those "Muffin Tin Monday" kind of moms. Ugh. Why can't he just eat? My first attempts have worked pretty well. He got very excited about "ants on a log," and even tried the celery more than once. He didn't end up eating it, but at least he tried it. Since he loved eating the raisins and peanut butter off the log, I substituted a banana for the celery today and he gobbled it all down (even though he had just insisted he didn't want to eat lunch).

I know there are a billion blogs, books and websites dedicated to fun food for kids. I've heard a lot about Weelicious and am headed over there now. What are your favorite recipes and/or resources? Or do your kids actually just eat whatever you give them?
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