Monday, August 8, 2011

Bring your toddler to the beach day: Robert Moses State Park

Today was our yearly trek to the beach. We can't seem to make it more than once a year since we live so very far from the beach (a whole thirty minutes) and it's incredibly expensive ($10 parking fee).  No, really, it's because it is a lot of work to take a small child to the beach and also - I am just not a beach person. It's the sand. The sand annoys me a lot. And the beach, shockingly, has a lot of sand.

But Nate loved it. It was a gorgeous day. Hot, but not humid. And big, noisy waves crashed onto the shore. Nate couldn't get enough of going into the ocean with Dave. And only Dave. I don't know if it is because Dave's more enthusiastic about water sports, or just more fun, but when it comes to all things water (pools, oceans, baths) Nate always prefers his daddy. And that is fine by me, because it freed me up to relax and read a whole page (sometimes two!) of my book at a time.

This was our first time at Robert Moses State Park and it was perfect for our needs. We've decided it will be our go-to beach for the future (um, you know, for next year). It was smaller, less Jersey Shore-ish than other local beaches and had the amenities we need - like a place to change a diaper with a pound of sand in it and a place to purchase ice cream with which to bribe Nate off of the beach. There's also a very nice looking playground on the beach which we didn't have time for today, but definitely next time.

And when Nate wasn't in the water, he got a big kick out of digging in the sand for treasures. We told Nate he could bring some of his favorites home. We now have a nice collection of pretty shells, a crab leg and a handful of cigarette butts.

We actually had a really great day. It wasn't as much work as it could have been (as much as I'd thought it would be). The only unpleasant part of the excursion was the three minutes in which I tried to juggle Dave's wallet, the change from the cashier, Nate's hand, a giant overflowing cup of ice cream, a frozen lemonade and an ice tea while flies attacked (those things can bite!) my feet like they were covered in the most delicious dog feces ever (they were not). Dave couldn't help because he had his own hands full holding the bags, cooler, umbrella and our beach monkey (a small capuchin we keep to scare away the seagulls). But it was okay, because the seventeen year old cashier entertained me with her witty banter and confused expression, "It's so, like, HOT today. Yeah, I don't know WHAT it is. But it is HOT."  Yes, it is a great mystery with it being summer and all.

Do you enjoy the beach?
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