Sunday, August 21, 2011

Natural finger painting: Clementine Art Natural Fingerpaint

Okay. I have finally found the answer to my finger painting woes.  To give you a little art history lesson:  first I tried to make some myself = disaster. Then in rainy day desperation, I bought Crayola Fingerpaints. Nate grew to love them, but I could never get over the overpowering chemical smell. To be fair, I can't find any info on the Crayola Fingerpaints, and they may be totally safe to play with and occasionally shove in your mouth. But since Nate gets really into his artwork - or his craft, as he calls it - I like to be on the safe side...

So I got natural, non-toxic finger paints - Clementine Art Natural Paint - for Nate on his birthday. We used them to make Nate's birthday thank you cards. (Which I'm still in the process of getting ready to go out in the mail. I like to blame my mom for all of my late and/or lack of card habits. Hi, mom! You know it's true.)

These pictures make it look like the project was a complete disaster and Nate was absolutely miserable, but neither is true. He had a fabulous time until the moment I started snapping pictures. It was at that second that he decided that he had had enough and started wiping at an itch on his face. I think the paint on the face is a nice compliment to the Wolverine 'do, myself.

I am very pleased with these paints. The colors are vibrant, the texture is more liquid-y than the Crayola paints, but works just as well. And while they have a slight odor, it's pretty light and not unpleasant at all. I would absolutely recommend them.

If you're feeling more frugal and/or crafty, my friend Jenn at has a great recipe for DIY Finger Paints. She swears it's incredibly easy.
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