Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Toddler friendly Northport

I recently found a great resource at my library - Baby Friendly Long Island. The book has chapters on the best indoor activities, outdoor activities, classes and cute towns to visit. It gives you the kind of key information you need if you have small children, like whether there are diaper changing areas, if the facility is stroller accessible and if you'll get kicked out if your child starts screaming like a banshee. It's a fantastic book. The only problem is that it was written in 2004. So unless you make some calls ahead of time, you may drive to a lovely little town only to discover that the places you were most looking forward to seeing have been closed down for years. (Not that I would know about that or anything.) Luckily, yesterday was not one of those times. We visited the adorable town of Northport and everything we wanted to see was still there. But really, where are the playgrounds and the bay going to go anyway?

While I had come prepared with Nate's lunch, by the time we got there I was starving. And of course, I had completely overlooked the fact that the entire town might still be without power from Irene. Luckily, Skipper's Pub had a generator. They were super kid friendly (crayons, kids menus to color and booster seats) and the food was delicious.

We took a walk along the water and out onto a dock. It was a gorgeous day and such a pleasant setting. Except for that constant, overwhelming fear that Nate would slip out of my grasp and jump into the water. Yeah, other than that - totally relaxing.

The town center area - along the water - has two playgrounds, clean bathroom facilities and a huge lawn for any little boy who happens to run like a CHEETAH!

Oh yeah, and there is a huge gazebo that must be a hot spot for wedding pictures. But we used it for a rousing game of Leap Toddler.  Dave won. (My legs are kind of short.)
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