Monday, September 26, 2011


Over the past few weeks Nate has been generous with the unsolicited hugs and the "I LOVE YOU!"s.  As far as the swoon factor goes, very few things could top my little munchkin grabbing my leg or throwing his arms around my neck and telling me he loves me.  These are some of the moments that make this age so special.

And then there are the other typical two year old moments. When each transition - from playing to eating, from house to car, from planking to choreographing flash mobs - takes anywhere from three to five hours. Because Nate must do everything himself.  Nate needs to get in his car seat? BY SELF. In his high chair? BY SELF. In his stroller? BY SELF.  In the bath? BY SELF. Out of the bath? BY SELF. Lay down to put pajamas on? BY SELF.  Pick out a bedtime story? BY SELF. 

And while he's doing these things by self he is taking an eternity.  Not because he is slow and needs extra time to accomplish these tasks, but because he is messing with me. Because it is way more fun to stop mid-task and stare at the seat then actually sit in it. Now this is not new behavior (it's been going on for months now) and I know it is incredibly common among toddlers.  But it drives me crazy. While I generally have loads of patience when it comes to children, and mine in particular, this is the one area that really gets under my skin. And he knows it. The power of the toddler. (Oh and his other power move is going boneless. Awesome.)

Of course, absolutely no dawdling occurs during play time

Our solution to the dawdling dilemma has been to give him a choice and then to the count of three to decide his fate. Will he get up in his car seat before I count to three or will I have to put him there? It doesn't always work (and never when it's raining - because that is the best time to play in the floorboard area of the backseat while I wait with my backside sticking out of the car... getting drenched) but it works often enough.

Does your toddler like to take their sweet, sweet time too?
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