Sunday, September 11, 2011

Letter to Nate: Two years and a smidge

Dear Bug,

Not a day goes by that your daddy and I do not discuss the many ways in which you are the cutest, smartest, most fantastic creature to ever walk the earth. Yes, we are annoying parents that think our child is god's gift. (But you are!) And each day you continue to shape our lives for the better...

You continue to make me laugh. I don't know if it gets stuck in your head or you do it because you know I love it, but you like to break into a little Queen every once in awhile, "ANUDDER ONE BITES THE DUST... CH CH."  You've been dancing more - you enjoy a little bendy knee action which is pure awesomeness - and you play a mean air drum ("like Larry"). I, however, am usually not permitted to dance or sing with His Highness. Unless I want to pick you up and dance you around - that is a different story entirely. It's usually always welcome, and when it comes to Daddy, it's something you beg for. Although you continue to insist on your independence, I love that you still like being held and danced around from time to time.

I love the way we communicate. You speak in full sentences more and more, often saying the cutest things. Things like, "I'LL BE RIGHT BACK!" as you tear into your room. Or, "HEY MOMMY! LOOK AT THIS!"  And, "HEY DADDY, I WANNA SHOW YOU SOMEPIN'!"  You've even started finishing my sentences when I space out and blank on a word. That's a little frightening.  My favorite thing is how you even answer simple yes or no questions with complete sentences: "Yes, Mommy" or "No thank you, Mommy." Your little voice is just so sweet.

I've been known to describe you as "active"

Now that summer is unofficially over, I'm starting to mentally shift back into school mode (not that you are going to school yet). We've spent most of our time outside this summer and I haven't spent a ton of time trying to teach you ABCs and 123s like in the cooler months. Last I checked, you regularly counted to three. Now, all of a sudden, you are counting to thirteen with no prompting. It's amazing. I wonder what else will just pop out of your mouth. Are you going to just spit out the entire alphabet one day?

two years and one month old

While we have had lots of fun this past month - hanging at the park and library, enjoying play dates and visiting family upstate - our family also received quite a blow. My grandfather, your G.G., died last weekend. He was one of my favorite people in the whole world. I miss him tremendously. I am so grateful that you had a chance to meet him, even though you'll never remember it. Sadly, you'll never know him, as I had the fortune to know him. When you are old enough to appreciate it, I will tell you all the ways in which that incredible man shaped my life. And I will tell all the ways in which he was a creative man. A passionate man. A gentle man, with a wicked sense of - often dark - humor. And a man with a killer arm - just like you. I can just imagine the kick he would get out of seeing his two year old great grandson whip the baseball like you do.

pitching to your cousin Tristan

There have been moments over this past week when I would have really liked to have crawled into bed and rolled around in my pain, but I couldn't. I have you to care for. I have to be emotionally present. And I don't want you to see me upset. After all, you're so empathetic, it upsets you to see characters in books cry.  I think it is a very good thing - I focused on you instead of focusing on my grief.  As time goes on, I will have to write down all of my memories of your G.G. to share with you at a later date. I want you to know as much about him as possible.

While he only got to meet you once, I will be eternally grateful for the fact that this blog enabled him to watch you grow over the past year.

As G.G. said to me more times than I can count - I love you more than tongue can tell.

Always, Your Mommy
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