Friday, September 30, 2011

So toddlers love glue

Nate and I have been going to a fantastic class at the library. They pack a lot into one hour and have given me a lot of ideas for games and projects we can do at home....which is good, because I feel like the past month I have been a brain dead zombie. I don't know what we've been doing every day, but I'm sure it hasn't been very creative. I've totally fallen behind in points and will never qualify for the Mother of the Year quarterfinals at this rate.

One component of every library class is an arts & crafts project. Apparently, it's quite fun to pour glue on little pieces of paper and stick them onto a larger sheet of paper. Who knew? Silly little kids.

So I restocked on construction paper and got a few fall themed cutouts from Lakeshore Learning. Oh and stickers too. Can't forget the stickers. Nate colored the individual cutouts with crayons, glued them onto the construction paper and then added a few stickers. Creating this masterpiece:

my masterpiece holding his masterpiece

My other brilliant idea, to use some of the pumpkin cutouts to create a matching game, did not go over as well. I took twenty of the pumpkins and labeled two pumpkins with numbers one through ten.  I think we got up to matching the "3" with the "3" when Nate ran away yelling, "I DON'T LIKE THIS MOMMY!" Maybe if we had glued the matching pieces together I would have gotten more enthusiasm...
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