Wednesday, October 12, 2011

26 months old: Letter to Nate

Dear Nathaniel,

Know what I love doing with you right now? I love having our conversations. They usually take place at mealtime, bath time or potty time (I guess the trend is that you are stuck and can't get away from me).  In order to make conversation, I ask you what your favorite parts of our day have been, or what we should do on the following day. Sometimes we discuss what your options are in different scenarios. (Like when a friend hypothetically grabs something from you. Hint - the answer never involves yelling or hitting.) Or we discuss examples of good manners.  I know you love it too, because without fail, you'll always request, "MORE QUESTIONS," "MORE TALKIN'" or "MORE MANNERS."

And during these conversations I am often struck by your incredible memory and your ever developing sense of humor. For example - you remember very vividly, with no prompting from your parents or from pictures, that I took a flight to see GG in Florida while you enjoyed a bachelor's weekend with Daddy.  That was four months ago. And the other day, while we discussed the different things the doctor would do to me during my upcoming checkup, you kept pressing for more examples and I had run out. I sighed and said, "I don't know, maybe I'll pee in a cup." And you burst out laughing. Accused me of teasing you. I protested, "No, I'm serious. They don't drink it! They test it." You kept laughing and refused to believe me.

Daddy and I still think you're out-of-this-world cute. I think you'll have to be a verbally abusive teen with horrible skin and weird hair before we think of reconsidering - even a tiny bit - this opinion. One of the cute things you do is end most of your sentences with the name of the person you are speaking to. It is especially cute when you are addressing adults other than your parents. For some reason you called me "Momma" all day yesterday (and it is continuing today) instead of your usual "Mommy." So all day I heard things like, "Watcha doin' Momma?" or "Watch Fireman Sam, Momma" or "Watchyou say, Momma? or "Playin' doctor, Momma. Make noise, Momma." (You wanted me to make the thump-thump heart beat noise while you checked my back and chest with your round wooden block.) 

Your verbal skills are really filling out. You're adding those small words to sentences - like prepositions - that make your sentences even clearer.  You surprise me when you use words that I didn't even know you knew - like "Kindle."  I don't know what your longest sentence is, but I think it was around nine or ten words.

You continue to tell us the sweetest things - like, "I MISSED YOU TOO, DADDY" (even though you said it first) or "You're my best, Mommy."  You are full of love. You are a sweet, sweet boy. Not a day goes by where you don't hug me and tell me you love me. It makes me melt every single time.

And I love you too, Natey. I love you more than tongue can tell. Even when you hit me in the head with a ball. You sure do have a great arm. Just please make sure I know you're throwing the ball to me. Thanks.

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