Thursday, October 6, 2011

V for zebra, W for shark

Nate's been able to recognize his capital letters for quite some time. He gets confused on  occasion and usually thinks that Ks are Xs, but generally speaking he has a solid grasp on the alphabet. So now we've been working on learning the little letters and the sounds they make too. He was pulling out some felt letters from a bag yesterday and surprised me by spontaneously giving examples of words to go along with them. I think he offered, "X for x-ray, Y for yo-yo and Z for zebra" before I realized I should try to get it on video.

He rarely lets me tape him for any significant period of time while he is acting like himself, so I couldn't bring myself to stop the video. It is therefore very long (I think over seven minutes) and don't expect anyone outside of family will actually watch the whole thing. (But mom - enjoy!)
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