Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Dear Santa

Okay, family, listen up. I asked Nate what was on his Christmas list and he told me the following in this order (and yes, I know it's a bit early, but some of these items may be tough to come by):

My demanding - and odd - child

  • vacuum cleaner
  • Elmo or Spiderman band-aids
  • pancakes
  • "my own grass" (Yeahnot sure what this one is about.)
  • cookies
  • stickers - Mickey Mouse, Pooh or Tigger
  • Beps (This means another horsey to ride on. Because one isn't enough.)
  • forks
  • spoons
  • 2 eyes (When pressed for details he said two green eyeballs. Hmmm.)
  • earwax (He laughed when he said this. More proof he is my child.)
  • blueberry muffins with nuts
  • toy rat or mouse
  • pompoms (the arts and crafts kind, not the cheer leading kind)
  • lollipops

Oh, and by the way...

First day of school was a big success. There were no tears and he had a great time. He gave me a huge hug when I picked him up, told me he missed me and showed me the Elmo puppet he made. Good times. 
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