Monday, December 26, 2011

Christmas 2011 Highlights

We had a really great Christmas. One of my favorites, in fact. There's something about teaching your little one your family traditions, and experiencing the holiday through his eyes that really makes Christmas magical again. 

On Christmas Eve, we made pumpkin spice cookies with cream cheese frosting for Santa. Nate decided Santa should get three cookies and placed the chosen ones on the plate for him. Only one cookie was harmed in the process. Frosting side down on the floor, of course. Where's the dog when you need her?  

After dinner we took a walk too see a few houses in the neighborhood with especially impressive displays (Nate really enjoys the puffed up Santas, snowmen and Tiggers), but we quickly got conned into taking a much longer walk. It's hard to say "no" on Christmas!  

Thanks to Nate's teachers, Dave and I received our first presents from Nate, where neither one of us knew what was under the wrapping.  One of my favorites was this hand print Santa ornament.

Christmas morning was a blast. He started out unwrapping each present very slowly, but by the end, he was tearing through them and asking for more. He started opening presents whether they were for him or not. I objected at first. Then I remembered that he was only two. Doh. One of the first presents unwrapped was a tool kit with safety goggles. He proceeded to wear them most of the morning.

He got his wish for more presents at his grandparent's house. He was in heaven.

How was your holiday?
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