Saturday, January 28, 2012

I told my 2 year old that he didn't have to go to college if he didn't want to.

I lied. Obviously. 

I thought the talk about college would come when he was older. Maybe ten or eleven. But Nate was watching Blue's Clues yesterday and the episode was about Steve going to college (because at 30 years old he had finally gotten too old to play Blue's teenage owner and needed a way to explain his absence, other than getting laid off) . He did a really good job of explaining to Blue what it meant to go to college and that he would actually be moving out and living there. Steve asked the audience if they might like to college someday too. From the other room, I heard Nate say softly, "Yeah!" And I was thinking how cute it was when Nate ran into the next room to tell me -with excitement- that he wanted to go to college too.

And just as I was telling him how great that the very next second...his little face crumbled and he started crying, telling me, "I DON'T WANT TO GO TO CA-WIDGE!"   I have never seen such a sudden and complete change of emotion on a person's face. He is so two years old. It was as if he suddenly remembered the moving out part at that exact second. He clearly thought he was going to have to move away from Mommy and Daddy, like tomorrow, if he was going to go to college.  The poor thing. Which is why I told him that he didn't have to go. 

Later, we talked about it again and I explained that college was for much bigger boys and girls and he was too little for college. Never has he been so relieved to be "too little" to do something. 

In other news, Nate made his first drawing that actually resembled what it was supposed to be. "Look, mommy, I dwaw a face!"  It had eyes and a nose! See. He's totally ready for college. I'll tell him tomorrow.

Saturday, January 21, 2012


When Nate found out that he was going to go play in the first snowfall of the winter he was, "SO 'SCHITED!"

Turns out that he's a big fan of playing in the snow and eating it too. In fact, some snow and one prune pretty much constituted his dinner. I'm a stickler for a balanced diet, so it's a good thing he eats so well. Toddlers!

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Child's pose

We finished dinner early last night and had some time to kill before Nate's bath. I started showing him some stretches for fun and he liked it. I told him the stretches were similar to yoga and his Highness allowed me to put a yoga program on tv. Last time I put an exercise video on, he flipped out and demanded I turn it off. I guess times have changed, because he was really into it this time and told me he "loved yoga!"  He then proceeded to run around like a crazy person, climb on top of me and under me as I did the poses. 

I tried to turn it off so he could watch an episode of Fireman Sam as I got his bath ready (our nightly ritual). He told me to leave the yoga on and he would watch that instead of Sam. Completely shocking. I left to get things ready for bed, bath (and beyond) and when I returned I found him doing this: 

Yoga in diapers. He's definitely a fan. 

Saturday, January 14, 2012

How 'bouta NEW park?

At the end of every day, right before I kiss Nate for the last time and put him in his crib, we talk about the day we had and what we should do on the following day. When I ask him what he wants to do, his answer is often the same, "I have an idea. How 'bouta NEW park?"  So last weekend, we went to a "new" park. We had been there once before, but that's new enough. 

Such a Daddy's boy. Went to only Daddy today for all boo-boos that needed kissing.

Failed attempt at a cool family portrait. 

The train!

January in New York?

It's important he knows what to do with a soccer ball.

Being a boy.

Ignoring advice to "slow down."

Our little monkey.
It was a very good idea. 

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

29 months! Letter to almost 2 1/2 year old Nate

My dear sweet bug, 

You are almost 2 1/2 already! I don't know that anything earth shattering has happened over the last month, but I definitely see your personality really forming - or coming out, or magnifying ...or however you might phrase it - and I just love it. You've make me laugh for quite some time, but until recently it's been more because you're little and cute. But recently you make me laugh in a whole new way. You crack me up because you are genuinely funny. You've started talking in weird voices, designed to elicit laughter. I find you hilarious. And I am totally unbiased here.

But you're also still funny in a little kid kind of way too. Like when you grab a chair from the living room and drag it all the way into your bedroom so that you can stand on it and attempt to touch the new finger pinching protector I have installed on the door out of your reach. (I know it's an attractive nuisance. It's a panda, after all. That's not very fair of me to buy a panda, stick it on your door and tell you not to touch it.)  And when I go to preempt this maneuver and tell you not to stand on the chair, you just flippantly tell me, "Don't worry, Mommy." Because you clearly have the whole standing on a chair thing under control and I don't need to bother worrying about you. Something tells me I will be hearing that phrase quite a bit as you grow older. DON'T WORRY, MOM! And when I insist that you refrain from standing on the chair, you just point your little finger at me - in the way that you do now - and say, "Just go work, Mommy."  And leave me alone, you're thinking. Wow, Nate. Just go work, huh? You may be the most persistent kid I have ever met, but luckily I am the queen of stubborn. (Or so other people tell me, anyway.) 

Since you are two, you are testing limits big time. I am sure that your persistent nature will serve you well as you mature, but right now it just gets you a lot of time outs.  You seem intent on throwing things that aren't meant to be thrown and mistreating the dog. You are fully aware that these things are not acceptable, and you know there will be consequences for your actions, but you insist on doing them anyway. Perhaps it's a matter of impulse control. Good thing you're so cute.

Crazy child with a knife

There are so many things I love about you. I am obsessed with your passion for music. It's no secret you get this from Daddy, and I love this about you both.  You have shown quite an interest in bands like U2 and the Smiths (Morrissey) for awhile, but this undoubtedly is because you hear them a lot around the house. The first music that you got into on your own was Foster the People. You heard their song on the radio a couple of times, and like always, asked me who the band was. Then you kept asking to hear it around the house, so I had to pull it up on Spotify five times a day. Luckily Santa gave it to you for Christmas, so I can stop getting out the laptop when you want to hear your beloved band. The only challenging thing about your love for music is that you insist on actually listening to the words of songs. Not cool, Nate. Especially when your favorite song is about a homicidal teen. Good thing you still don't know what a "gun" is yet.

Playing our favorite "matching" game from Lakeshore Learning

Your love of music also extends to a love of dancing, and I can never get enough of that...whether it's dancing with you or just watching you. Today you probably spent a good half an hour making up songs that were clearly in an alien language while you danced around to them. Your imagination is really exploding lately.  You've loved playing with little animals and figurines for quite some time, but for the first time ever, you started making them "speak" and the little people were having conversations with each other. It was really adorable. Just like you.

I love you more than tongue can tell. 

~ Mommy

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

When he is wild, he is very very wild

I think most of my experience with babies, prior to Nate, must have been with girls. Because I wasn't prepared for just how active boys can be. Or at least for how active my boy can be.  Maybe it's not fair to stereotype by gender, and it is just about individual personality. In any event, I wasn't remotely tom-boyish and my child is wild.  

You can't tell here, but my actual animal is less wild

Although he discovered the joys of climbing on furniture rather late in the game, he has more than made up for that. I caught him filling out a profile and he said his "likes" include jumping off chairs, jumping off couches, jumping off tables, hurling his body onto the floor and into people, throwing objects (including food, dishes and wooden toys) and ignoring his mom.  I have given up all hope of ending many of these behaviors and have resigned myself to containing the jumping and hurling to soft furniture and mushy things, like his chair that sits close to the floor and our dog.  

But luckily for me, he also has times where he can be quite calm and focused. Like when he's practicing his "T"s and "I"s:

Or when he's playing a game of his own invention:

I like to call this one Animal Train/Time-Out. He sets up his chairs (usually one behind the other) and sits his stuffed animals on the "train." Then they periodically get time-outs for bad behavior. Nate put his gorilla in time-out yesterday and asked me to set the timer for him. I asked what the gorilla's offense had been, and Nate explained that he had fallen. What? I suggested that maybe if the gorilla had fallen, it was more deserving of a hug and kiss rather than a punishment or rest period. Nate agreed and made sure that the gorilla hit the bear the next time around. Much better.

But just when I thought that all of my words of wisdom were falling on deaf ears, I heard Nate say the following while he worked on his new puzzle yesterday, "Sometimes doing this is FUSTRATING. I need to keep practicing."  Okay, so I guess he does listen to me from time to time. I'll just have to keep practicing too.

p.s. Happy 5th Birthday to my favorite nephew! We love you!!
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