Wednesday, January 4, 2012

When he is wild, he is very very wild

I think most of my experience with babies, prior to Nate, must have been with girls. Because I wasn't prepared for just how active boys can be. Or at least for how active my boy can be.  Maybe it's not fair to stereotype by gender, and it is just about individual personality. In any event, I wasn't remotely tom-boyish and my child is wild.  

You can't tell here, but my actual animal is less wild

Although he discovered the joys of climbing on furniture rather late in the game, he has more than made up for that. I caught him filling out a profile and he said his "likes" include jumping off chairs, jumping off couches, jumping off tables, hurling his body onto the floor and into people, throwing objects (including food, dishes and wooden toys) and ignoring his mom.  I have given up all hope of ending many of these behaviors and have resigned myself to containing the jumping and hurling to soft furniture and mushy things, like his chair that sits close to the floor and our dog.  

But luckily for me, he also has times where he can be quite calm and focused. Like when he's practicing his "T"s and "I"s:

Or when he's playing a game of his own invention:

I like to call this one Animal Train/Time-Out. He sets up his chairs (usually one behind the other) and sits his stuffed animals on the "train." Then they periodically get time-outs for bad behavior. Nate put his gorilla in time-out yesterday and asked me to set the timer for him. I asked what the gorilla's offense had been, and Nate explained that he had fallen. What? I suggested that maybe if the gorilla had fallen, it was more deserving of a hug and kiss rather than a punishment or rest period. Nate agreed and made sure that the gorilla hit the bear the next time around. Much better.

But just when I thought that all of my words of wisdom were falling on deaf ears, I heard Nate say the following while he worked on his new puzzle yesterday, "Sometimes doing this is FUSTRATING. I need to keep practicing."  Okay, so I guess he does listen to me from time to time. I'll just have to keep practicing too.

p.s. Happy 5th Birthday to my favorite nephew! We love you!!
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