Monday, February 27, 2012

Dear Mom

We had such a great visit. Thank you! I didn't take nearly enough pictures, but here are some of my favorites from the ones I did take. (At least the favorites that I figured you wouldn't mind me publishing, anyway.)  I also have a few that I'll hold on to for future blackmail purposes.

I love how comfortable Nate is with you, even though we don't get to see you nearly as much as we would like. He twirls your hair and absentmindedly caresses your cheek...he clearly views you as an extension of me.  I love it. Especially when he wants YOU to do everything. Like change his diaper.

We love you more than tongue can tell.

Sunday, February 19, 2012


Nate's imagination has been off the charts lately. He's making up songs and even some long narrative stories,with some prompting. He told his dad a very long story about some sheep named John and Lilly yesterday. And he loves to tell me about this cool place called "Wallaby's." Apparently, you can only get there via helicopter and there is an awesome pink T. Rex that you can play fetch with. There's a lot of other great stuff to do there too. Of course I wrote it all down on a scrap of paper that I can no longer find.

And he loves to "pretend." If I tell him that what he's holding is not a xylophone, for example, he will say, "well, we can pretend it's a xylophone" in a voice that clearly implies I lack any imagination. The other morning we were cuddling in bed when I told him that I was going to get up and take a shower. He asked me not to go, and tried to convince me to stay, saying, "You can be a pretend clean woman!"

He's also very into pretending that he's reading. We were looking at some of our flashcards the other day while he pretended to read the information on the back. By the way - flashcards are the best. I find great $1 or $2 packs all over the place (usually at my sub-par Target) and they have provided hours of entertainment. The animal ones are my favorites. I don't know what possessed me to buy the insect ones. I guess I assumed Nate would enjoy them (which he does), but now I have to look at pictures of various spiders. Not cool.

Here we are playing with the dinosaur flashcards (he's feeling under the weather, hence the rosy cheeks, shiny lips and sniffles): 

What do your children like to imagine?

Saturday, February 18, 2012

A walk in the woods

Friday, February 17, 2012


At lunch today, Nate segregated one raisin from the rest and told me the lone raisin was sad. When I asked why the raisin was sad, he told me that the raisin wanted to be back with his family. Understandable.

Sunday, February 12, 2012

Happy half birthday! Letter to Nate at 2 1/2 years old.

Dear Monkey,

Whenever you feel passionate about something, it always makes me daydream about your future career as an adult. For example, over the past month, I have become convinced that you will be a musician. You LOVE music. You want to know what every song is called, who sings it, what they are saying and sometimes even which CD it is on. You dance and now you even make up your own lyrics. Your cup of water, fist or empty paper towel roll make excellent microphones for your original songs. My favorite is a little ditty I like to call, "I Can't Help It." The lyrics are pretty much those words over and over again with some "oh baby"s thrown in there and some words that I don't understand. I'm guess that language is from your home planet. You're quite the performer. You already have a band name picked out and everything (such a waste that I didn't go into journalism, right?):

Your other new love is the telephone. You are obsessed with talking on the phone and beg me to call Gam, Bubba and Auntie Ariel everyday. You always have "four things" to tell them. The conversations often go really well. But I bet that they would be even more productive if you weren't running around the house with the phone, covering the mouthpiece and frequently speaking your native language. It makes it hard for me to interpret.

You seem less interested in arts and crafts and more interested in puzzles and reading lately. You've been "reading" to me lately, which I really enjoy. It helps that you have every book memorized. You love playing with word puzzles in particular and I think you now know the sound that every letter makes.  Or almost all of them. You still count into the teens and even have started to give good old number 7 a place in the line up again. We missed you, number 7. 

Still loving your sense of humor. The other day, as I went to take you out of the car seat, you asked me what was in the holes of your buckle. Before I could reply "worms," YOU told me worms. And when I told you that that was what I was going to say, you told me that I could say something else. Like rats.

Okay, well on second thought, let me say that most of the time I love your sense of humor. I was not a fan the other day when you thought it was funny to yell, "Gassy. Pee pee. Poop!" over and over again from the cart while we shopped at Target. Thanks for that one, Nate. I'll be sure to remember that when your first girlfriend comes over.

I love you, little bug. More than tongue can tell.


Saturday, February 4, 2012

American Museum of Natural History

Last weekend, Nate took his second trip to the American Museum of Natural History.  He loved it the first time, when we took him last February, but of course he appreciated everything even more now that he was older. It's funny for me to read the post from last year. Although Nate has grown incredibly in a year, pretty much everything still applies. He was again, incredibly excited to press his little hands and face to the glass and check out all of the animals. Now of course, he runs even faster and was pulling Daddy by the hand while he ran from exhibit to exhibit. Last year he could sign dinosaur, and perhaps say the word, but now he says, "Tyrannosaurus Rex!"

The dinos were definitely the highlight for Nate. And I imagine running around the blue whale room like a maniac was pretty enjoyable too. As for me, I loved every minute I got to spend with our very good friends visiting from out of town. I think we'll have to make the trip to the museum a yearly tradition. 

Friday, February 3, 2012

Hall monitor

I may have already mentioned that I like to call Nate, The Hall Monitor, since he is quite fond of monitoring and then reporting on the behavior of others.

Meet the Hall Monitor

Usually, he informs on other children, telling me how they are misbehaving. He often seems outraged that others might hit, push or grab. Because, you know, he is ALWAYS an absolute angel (cough, cough). But today, he told his fingers, who were not sharing, "LISTEN. You don't gwab!"

He then swiftly gave the offending finger a time out:

Naughty finger.
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