Saturday, February 4, 2012

American Museum of Natural History

Last weekend, Nate took his second trip to the American Museum of Natural History.  He loved it the first time, when we took him last February, but of course he appreciated everything even more now that he was older. It's funny for me to read the post from last year. Although Nate has grown incredibly in a year, pretty much everything still applies. He was again, incredibly excited to press his little hands and face to the glass and check out all of the animals. Now of course, he runs even faster and was pulling Daddy by the hand while he ran from exhibit to exhibit. Last year he could sign dinosaur, and perhaps say the word, but now he says, "Tyrannosaurus Rex!"

The dinos were definitely the highlight for Nate. And I imagine running around the blue whale room like a maniac was pretty enjoyable too. As for me, I loved every minute I got to spend with our very good friends visiting from out of town. I think we'll have to make the trip to the museum a yearly tradition. 
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