Friday, March 23, 2012

E F I T down, 22 more to go

As I've mentioned, Nate's really into the alphabet. He also might be really into taking a red pen to our computer monitor, but that's another story. I showed him how to write an "E" and an "F" last week...

So, um, anyone know how to get red pen off of a computer screen? You know, hypothetically speaking...if some parent were to idiotically leave their child alone with a red pen. Not that I would do such a thing.

Monday, March 19, 2012


So, in yet another Mother of the Year moment, I flat out bribed Nate with the promise of a toy of his choice if he changed a particular behavior. After several days he earned his prize and we went to the store today to get a "bigger" Bert. (He only has a very small finger puppet Bert.) But once we looked over the choices, he fell in love with a little Diego and a little Dora doll.  He was very proud of himself and his new dolls. Correction - they aren't dolls, Mommy. They're Dora and Diego! 

Once in the car, he carried on some really adorable conversations with them and we planned all the activities that D&D would take part in once we got home. Among other things, they were scheduled for a tour of the house, with a specific emphasis on taking an inventory of the toy and book collection. Oh, and when we did get home, Nate immediately took off their clothes. Or rather, made me pull them off over their over-sized heads. So now D&D are hanging out in their shoes, which are not removable, and their equally non-removable under garments. Which makes sense, since I strip all of my dolls down as soon as I get them home too.

Then Nate showed them the Edge, from his favorite seat in the house (his toy box):

He held them up like this, so they could see, for a REALLY long time

We also played a lot of hide and seek with D&D. It's strange, because they weren't as good as you would think at the game. They kept hiding in the same spot on the bookshelf over and over again. Or they would leap over the baby gate and land face down in open view on the floor. Odd. Maybe they'll get better at it over time. 

They're all asleep now. I hope they aren't too cold.

Sunday, March 18, 2012

Glitter glue and googly eyes

We needed to inject some life into our art supplies, so we went all out the other day and got some glitter glue. And googly eyes. Because they just go so well together. I never would have thought about going for the glitter glue, but I was inspired by one of my favorite bloggers Sarah, who mentioned it in a post or on Facebook or something. 

And you know what? Glitter glue is awesome. It made me want to create glitter masterpieces and squeeze it all over myself. I resisted. That wouldn't set a good example. The glitter arms, I mean, not the masterpieces. And the googly eyes are perfect for sticking into the glue. Even if there is no head involved that would need eyes. I mean, who needs a head? 

Saturday, March 17, 2012

A leprechaun and his dog


Thursday, March 15, 2012


Over a month ago, Nate started singing this awesome little ditty. And he hasn't stopped. No performance is exactly the same and he likes to sprinkle some of his influences (primarily U2) into his performances. I'm not sure which version will eventually lead the music charts, but here's the original...

Sunday, March 11, 2012

Letter to Super Nate

Dear Nathaniel Thomas, 

So, not much new to report this month. Except, are kind of starting to READ!!! But no pressure...I'm not incredibly excited or anything. I'm not one of those freaky parents that desperately want their kids to learn to read at an early age. (I'm a freaky parent for a host of other reasons.) But it is just so thrilling to watch you take these first steps. As a nerd,  I love reading more than just about anything. I try to tell myself that as your mother, it is my job to accept you and your future choices & interests, no matter what. But I have to be honest. If you don't end up loving reading, it will be very hard for me to accept. Like a former high school star quarterback whose son would rather pick up his stamp collection than a ball. Or somepin' like that, anyway.

But so far, I think the brainwashing program is going well. Over the past couple of months it has become clear that you know the sounds for pretty much all of the letters. I like to think that I taught you, but really, it was probably your baby-sitter (Sesame Street). You love books and can spend over an hour looking at a stack of them in your crib in the morning.  You are very interested in letters and spelling out all of the words you see. 

I thought I would try to put this all together and see if you could sound out some simple words. So I started with CAT. And you DID it. You went, "ca, ah, t...CAT!" And you did the same with DOG and BAT too, though I had also drawn a picture beside the word, so I don't know if those two quite count. But I screwed up and was way too obvious in my excitement. This in turn alerted your toddler-sense that you should quit complying immediately.  Oh, you two year old, you.  

So, I think we are on our way.

Everything else remains about the same. Each day you seem impossibly older. Funny. And so sweet. My new thing over the past few weeks has been to ask you, at the end of each day, what your favorite part of the day has been. I love hearing your answers. They are often about playing with a particular toy or game, or seeing a certain person or going someplace special. After you went back to school following February break, you told me your favorite thing that day was "seeing all of your friends." 

The other day you gave me my favorite answer so far. Since I work from home and you are only in school three days a week, I typically take any opportunity that you are occupied to work. So anytime you watch television, I go right to work on the laptop. But the other day, I opted instead to hold you in my lap and watch an episode of Zaboomafoo and it was really nice. It's rare that I can just enjoy holding you, quiet and content, these days. When I asked you what your favorite part of the day was you told me, "Cuddling with mommy and watching Zaboo." It made my heart melt. It was my favorite part too.

I love you more than tongue can tell.


Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Because the night belongs to Wubbers

Nate has a great command of the English language, but every once in a while he mixes phrases or names of things up and sounds a bit like he just immigrated to our country. It's very cute and of course I don't write them down like I should. My favorite example (and really, my only one) is when he sees an American flag. He gets very excited every.single.time. and says, "AMERICAN FLAG OF OUR COUNT-ERY!" When my mom visited she thought it was crazy that he knew that the stars represented states, but apparently the child will retain any information as long as it relates to the American flag of our country or U2. 

Speaking of U2, for about the last month or two, he requests at least once a day, "No Name of the Streets," which is also known as "Where the Streets Have No Name." And by the way, "She shoots in mysterious ways..."

And speaking even more of U2, we taped (well, dvr-ed) part of a Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Concert with Bono and "his friends."  Nate's really into any friends of Bono and has openly accepted Bruce Springsteen, Patti Smith and Mick Jagger into his world. Nate sings to himself a lot and today, as he ran around the yard with his frog mask on, he alternated between shouting, "Superhero to the rescue!" and singing, "...belongs to Wubbers..." It took me a minute to finally realize he was singing Patti Smith's Because the Night Belongs to Lovers.  I thought it best not to correct him. I don't need him singing that when we go to Target. Yelling, "poop, gas and pee-pee!" is enough attention for me. 

Sunday, March 4, 2012

Pennsylvania Dutch Country

We spent a much needed little mini-vacation in the middle of nowhere in nearby Pennsylvania over the weekend. The farm guest house we stayed in was so warm and cozy, we didn't want leave.

We saw lots of critters...

And Nate got to play at the "park" everyday...

And since most of the stuff Nate would enjoy was still closed for the winter, we spent a lot of time looking at the country side and just hanging around the house. Which was fine by me.

Nate was sad to leave. I was too!
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