Monday, March 19, 2012


So, in yet another Mother of the Year moment, I flat out bribed Nate with the promise of a toy of his choice if he changed a particular behavior. After several days he earned his prize and we went to the store today to get a "bigger" Bert. (He only has a very small finger puppet Bert.) But once we looked over the choices, he fell in love with a little Diego and a little Dora doll.  He was very proud of himself and his new dolls. Correction - they aren't dolls, Mommy. They're Dora and Diego! 

Once in the car, he carried on some really adorable conversations with them and we planned all the activities that D&D would take part in once we got home. Among other things, they were scheduled for a tour of the house, with a specific emphasis on taking an inventory of the toy and book collection. Oh, and when we did get home, Nate immediately took off their clothes. Or rather, made me pull them off over their over-sized heads. So now D&D are hanging out in their shoes, which are not removable, and their equally non-removable under garments. Which makes sense, since I strip all of my dolls down as soon as I get them home too.

Then Nate showed them the Edge, from his favorite seat in the house (his toy box):

He held them up like this, so they could see, for a REALLY long time

We also played a lot of hide and seek with D&D. It's strange, because they weren't as good as you would think at the game. They kept hiding in the same spot on the bookshelf over and over again. Or they would leap over the baby gate and land face down in open view on the floor. Odd. Maybe they'll get better at it over time. 

They're all asleep now. I hope they aren't too cold.

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