Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Baby sign of the week: I LOVE YOU

There aren't many things sweeter than hearing Nate say, "I love you." He's been saying it and signing it a lot recently and I just love it. When we were actively using baby sign language, he never mastered the sign. Probably because I wasn't particularly consistent with the sign. But I think it can be difficult for a baby too - getting some fingers to stay up, while others stay down. Nate randomly decided he was finally going to tackle the sign the other day. He stared at his fingers for awhile before willing them to cooperate. He was quite proud:

Now he wants to tackle the alphabet in sign language. He can do A-I so far, with a bit of prompting along the way. His fine motor skills have really seemed to turn a corner recently. Out of no where, he can suddenly manipulate the computer mouse and actually use it to play games on It blows my mind every time I see him move the mouse and click the cursor on the right answer. Kids these days!

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