Saturday, April 14, 2012

Letter to my spider monkey

Dear Sweet Boy,

I feel like the past month has been filled with you singing into your microphone, or strumming your dog shaped guitar, for hours on end as you watch (or listen to) U2 or Black Eyed Peas perform in concert. I know that many kids your age watch the same thing over and over and over again. But I picture those kids watching a Disney movie or something. I remember your auntie's movie of choice around your age was The Wizard of Oz. She watched that every single day and I had all of the Munchkin's lines memorized (because we always had to fast forward through the boring black & white parts and start the movie in Munchkin Land. No, I don't think they had donut holes there, but I could be wrong.) Anyway, it just cracks me up that you want to watch Bono multiple times of day, EVERYDAY.  You are quite the performer. Daddy and I love it. I never tire of watching you.

Speaking of performing, your new thing is to make faces in order to make me laugh. You have a ton and are so expressive. You are usually rewarded with my trademark cackle, because as I say every month, I find you hilarious.

You've gotten a lot more self sufficient over the past few months. You open the fridge and cupboards, get out your new addiction ("pouchies"), put your own coat on, open the screen door, turn on the computer and manipulate the mouse from game to game. It's pretty cool.  If we could just get you interested in getting the rest of your clothes on yourself, I would be a very happy camper. The only reason you put your coat (and back pack) on yourself is because I showed you the "trick" where you flip it over your head. I guess I'll have to come up with some fancy "tricks" for socks and pants to get you interested.

I feel like you hardly play with toys at home anymore. All you want to do is to listen to music, watch television (ugh), play hide-and-seek, sneak up on people in your adorable creeper way, have Daddy chase you in pursuit of eating your brains and draw with markers.  You're also very interested in stories that Daddy or I make up. Storytelling is not my calling, and I tend to tell the same boring stories about Diego looking for his lost dog in the jungle. But Daddy created quite the hit with "Elmo looks for his dirty flowers." You want it before bed every night now. Oh and you also enjoy dress up. Or as we call it, "hats," since our dress up collection is primarily two big bags of hats. Yes, only hats, a fireman costume and of course, your spider monkey costume. You came up with that yourself. And of course, I cackled. 

I love you, my little spider monkey. I love you more than tongue can tell. You make me happier than you could ever know.  I feel thankful everyday that you are my son.


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