Thursday, June 28, 2012

Breaking news: New milestone achieved

Brace yourself. He's finally done it. He's drawn his first...


Sunday, June 24, 2012


Hi Nate,

When I wrote your letter the other day, I was totally out of it and forgot to include so many things I wanted to tell you:

  • First, we've really been focusing on self sufficiency and you can now put your own sandals and sneakers on without any help.
  • You are obsessed with mommy and daddy asking you "questions." You say, "Can you ask me questions?" several times a day. But only certain categories of questions are allowed. Inquiries like how was your day? or What did you do today? are unacceptable. You prefer questions related to family relations, geography, social studies and animals. When I ask you who my husband is, you usually say "Nicole," who is my boss. I don't know how you have linked husband and boss in your head, but I am blaming your father. Also, you think our president is Obach Barama. 
  • You say things like, "That would be incredible!"
  • You can spell your name! Well, your nickname anyway. N-A-T-E!
  • You took a break from performing as Bono in your U2 cover band. Thankfully, Little Bono has returned:

I love you little Bug! ~Mom

Saturday, June 23, 2012

Jersey shore mini vacation

Since we find Snooki and friends so appealing, we decided to take a little midweek vacation down to the shore. We had a lot of hits (pool, beach, rides!) and some misses (diner offering over-priced microwaved food delivered by a creepy waitstaff - note to self, research places to eat ahead of time), but all in all we had a great time. It was the first vacation we've taken since Nate graduated to the big boy bed. We brought a twin air mattress for him, and he was very excited to fall asleep on it each night after each action packed, no napping day. 

Nate was very into playing in the sand. So the beach was the first place on our tour, followed by the boardwalk and some unexpected rides. Before dinner, Nate found a "stage" and treated us to his newest dance moves (bottom right). 

Day two started with  a surrey ride in the adorable town of Cape May. It took some convincing to get Nate to ride up front with the helmet, but he loved it once we got going. I enjoyed trying to steer with my fake wheel.  I think I have some control issues.

Oh I lied. The second day began with a game of pajama frisbee. The second half of the day was all about the pool and the beach. Note that the sand castle had an "American flag of our country" stuck in it. Purchasing flags for our sand castles was a prerequisite for the trip, according to Nate.

The second day ended with Dave terrorizing Nate. Typical stuff. Then they were back to reading the "paper" together the following morning. 

We stopped by the zoo on the way home, which was really awesome if you like walking in mosquito filled woods on a 100 degree day to see a handful of sad animals melting in the sun. But I really shouldn't complain. It was free after all. And I am sure it would be a great way to pass the day with your toddler if you visited in less extreme weather. But I think Dave might file for divorce if I ever try to drag us back to that zoo. 

Thursday, June 21, 2012

More baseball with dad


Wednesday, June 20, 2012

June 2012 Letter to Nate

Dear Nathaniel Thomas, 

Hi sweet boy. You seem so old to me lately.  From the way you speak to what you actually say, you continually remind me that your baby days are long gone.  For example, every day you have been expressing your wild imagination. You frequently talk about your (imaginary) cousin Boran, and your adventures all over the world. And you spent one morning last week caring for your (imaginary) baby sister Corn, whom you kept primarily in a baby sling on your chest.  It was really sweet. But, Corn? You really have quite a talent for names. If we ask you the proper name of an animal or person you are quick with a "Pooska" or "Tarchi" or the like. Today in the car we were making up a story and you told me that one of the lead characters, a puppy, was named Cupbeef. I am really scared for the day we get a new pet. Although you did name the (almost dead now) plant in your room, Monk, so that wasn't so bad.

You continue to be very into your television shows. And I continue to feel guilty about the amount of television you watch. But at least for the most part, they tend to be educational, like Sesame Street. One of your new favorites is So You Think You Can Dance. Which, aside from edited versions of Glee, is just about the only "adult" show that we watch. Although I wouldn't say it is educational, per se, you do seem very inspired by the different styles of dance. One guy came on and brilliantly danced while in character as a praying mantis. You have since been doing your own bug dance, which is creepy and awesome and involves you moving your belly in a really bizarre way. And I swear you were krumping the other day. I love it.

Cue music!

We're spending a lot of time in the park again since it has been warmer and you are flinging your body all over the place. I  try to let you run like a maniac and be a little gymnast as much as possible. And, although it is hard and I want to stop you and protect you from all danger, I know that you will learn more if you scrape your knees from time to time. Which you do. A lot. 

My brain is a bit mushy right now. We just got back from a little mini vacation (more on that another time) and I think we are all having trouble adjusting to reality. Although you did tell me this evening that your "friends" (which would be the army of stuffed animals/characters you sleep with: Bert, Ernie, Elmo, Big Bird, Big Ashaun, Little Ashaun, Dora, Diego, Plex and Brobie) had  informed you that they were sad at the hotel and wanted to sleep in your big boy bed. I think that while you had a great time, you are also glad to be home. I don't blame you. 

And that reminds me of another cute thing you have said a couple of times after we've kissed and hugged Daddy and said good bye to him in the morning. "Ava doesn't like it when Daddy goes to work." Yes, Ava, seems really torn up about it. So I had to explain to Ava that while I understood, and it would definitely be fun to play all day with Daddy, there were a lot of good reasons for him to go to work. Aw, you're such a little Daddy's boy, Bug.

I love you more than tongue can tell. 


Monday, June 4, 2012

Happy clapper

Memorial day was pretty awesome for Nate this year. Of course, like many people, he got to enjoy a great barbecue with his friends. But even more than that, the day involved two of his favorite things - U.S. flags (or as Nate calls them, "American flags of our country!!") and CLAPPING. 

On our trip to the park that afternoon, we stumbled upon the the festivities of the next town over. Red, white and blue was everywhere, obviously, and we sat down on the grass and ate lunch.

And since town officials were speaking and the local middle school band was playing the occasional patriotic song, there were lots of opportunities for clapping, which suited Nate just fine. 

This love of clapping is new. Nate claps anytime anyone else claps. He claps when he's excited. And his teachers tell me that he also claps for all of his classmates. Now, in what context, I'm not really sure. But who couldn't use a little encouragement from their friend as they're trying to glue a cotton ball on a piece of paper or master the potty?

Sunday, June 3, 2012

Running the bases

 Nate is always dying to run on the baseball field at our local park. But he's usually not allowed to due to the previous occupation of other people, mud or goose droppings. Mmmm. He finally lucked out the other day though...

You can't see his face on my cruddy cell phone pictures, but he was overjoyed. And as luck would have it, we even had a little Mets ball with us. I know I've said it a billion times, but that kid has an arm!
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