Saturday, June 23, 2012

Jersey shore mini vacation

Since we find Snooki and friends so appealing, we decided to take a little midweek vacation down to the shore. We had a lot of hits (pool, beach, rides!) and some misses (diner offering over-priced microwaved food delivered by a creepy waitstaff - note to self, research places to eat ahead of time), but all in all we had a great time. It was the first vacation we've taken since Nate graduated to the big boy bed. We brought a twin air mattress for him, and he was very excited to fall asleep on it each night after each action packed, no napping day. 

Nate was very into playing in the sand. So the beach was the first place on our tour, followed by the boardwalk and some unexpected rides. Before dinner, Nate found a "stage" and treated us to his newest dance moves (bottom right). 

Day two started with  a surrey ride in the adorable town of Cape May. It took some convincing to get Nate to ride up front with the helmet, but he loved it once we got going. I enjoyed trying to steer with my fake wheel.  I think I have some control issues.

Oh I lied. The second day began with a game of pajama frisbee. The second half of the day was all about the pool and the beach. Note that the sand castle had an "American flag of our country" stuck in it. Purchasing flags for our sand castles was a prerequisite for the trip, according to Nate.

The second day ended with Dave terrorizing Nate. Typical stuff. Then they were back to reading the "paper" together the following morning. 

We stopped by the zoo on the way home, which was really awesome if you like walking in mosquito filled woods on a 100 degree day to see a handful of sad animals melting in the sun. But I really shouldn't complain. It was free after all. And I am sure it would be a great way to pass the day with your toddler if you visited in less extreme weather. But I think Dave might file for divorce if I ever try to drag us back to that zoo. 
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