Sunday, June 24, 2012


Hi Nate,

When I wrote your letter the other day, I was totally out of it and forgot to include so many things I wanted to tell you:

  • First, we've really been focusing on self sufficiency and you can now put your own sandals and sneakers on without any help.
  • You are obsessed with mommy and daddy asking you "questions." You say, "Can you ask me questions?" several times a day. But only certain categories of questions are allowed. Inquiries like how was your day? or What did you do today? are unacceptable. You prefer questions related to family relations, geography, social studies and animals. When I ask you who my husband is, you usually say "Nicole," who is my boss. I don't know how you have linked husband and boss in your head, but I am blaming your father. Also, you think our president is Obach Barama. 
  • You say things like, "That would be incredible!"
  • You can spell your name! Well, your nickname anyway. N-A-T-E!
  • You took a break from performing as Bono in your U2 cover band. Thankfully, Little Bono has returned:

I love you little Bug! ~Mom
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