Saturday, September 13, 2014

Sensory bins

I get stuck a lot with CJ sleeping on me, and I inevitably spend a good chunk of that time reading articles on my phone. I've been reading a lot about sensory bins, which is really, usually, just messy play, often with household objects. I wanted to get in on the action, so we made our first sensory bin today. First, I took a large plastic bin and filled it with dried lentils from our Doomsday Prepping closet. Next, I attached magnets we had laying around the house to small balls I had made from homemade silly putty. I dipped half of these in glitter and the other half in fur I collected from my dog. I hid all of the magnet balls in the lentils and gave Nate two scented magnet wands. I made those by dipping regular magnet wands in essential oils. Since this sensory bin clearly had an autumn vibe to it, I chose apple and pumpkin oils for this project.

Nate had a blast using his sense of vision to look at the lentils. And his sense of touch and smell was on overload with the magnet balls and the wands. He ended up playing with this bin for four hours while I cleaned the gutters and weeded the garden. It was wonderful! After he grew tired of the lentils, we put the balls  in a ziplog baggie with some clear soda water.  We squeezed all the air out and then played with the bag on top of our homemade  light table. This is when Nate got to use his sense of hearing (when the balls chemically reacted to the soda) as well as his sixth sense! Woohoo!

Sadly, I don't have any pictures of the activities today because the battery in my camera was charging. But we sealed everything up in the plastic bin for next time. It's our first sensory bin and it has it's very own shelf now in the Doomsday prepping closet, where the lentils and bag of fur used to reside. I will need to get pictures next time!

This post is dedicated to my dear friend Dee, who has been my wingman, wind beneath my wings and person I would most like to high five after doing a jumping toe touch off a stage.
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