Saturday, December 20, 2014

Caroline at 7 months

Dear CareBear,

You are starting to get into everything now! You're army crawling and scooting your way to every exposed wire and outlet in the house the moment I put you down to play on the floor. Something tells me you are going to be a bit more challenging than your brother was at this age, when it comes to keeping you out of trouble.

You're really enjoying your new solid foods. I was planning on just doing baby led weaning with you, but I typically give you some finger foods in addition to purees at each meal instead. You're getting quite proficient in getting little pieces of fruits and veggies into your mouth. Your favorite purees are pears and ...well, really anything other than apple. Yogurt is a big hit too. And as far as "real" food goes, you lose your mind around broccoli and bananas. Peas, rice, peaches and watermelon are all favorites too.

The jumperoo is getting more jumping action lately and you've been doing this funny thing where you lift one or both arms in the air as you jump. I tried to get pictures, but you're just a wild blur.

You continue to watch my hands as I sign the names of animals, foods and objects. I think you created your own sign for MORE, even though I've been doing the standard ASL version. You managed to get your pointer finger up and I swear you were trying to sign FAN the other day. You move your hands a lot and it looks like you're trying to communicate something to me, but I'm not sure what just yet. We'll keep practicing.

Nate is still your favorite person and pretty much everything he does, including spitting, is hilarious to you. You two have been able to play more together and it's pretty much the best thing ever. I love you both so much that I can hardly stand it.  Daddy and I created some pretty awesome humans (through magic, obviously).

 I love you more than tongue can tell.

 ~Mama (oh and you've been babbling Mamamama too. I hope one day soon you'll figure out that that is my name!)

Thursday, December 18, 2014

Speaking of gratitude

This is a bit late, but I had to share it anyway. Nate did this completely on his own, with no prompting or supervision. Pretty sweet.

drawn to scale

Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Gratitude journal

I've always wanted to be one of the gratitude journaling people so that I could focus on the positive. I can't seem to get that together, but I will tell you that I am grateful for these tiny dimpled hands with rubber band wrists. They are always warm and often sticky. I love them and the little lady to whom they belong.

Tuesday, December 16, 2014

All is calm, all is bright

When I was little my mom used to sing Silent Night to me at bedtime. I'm not sure if it was year round or just around Christmas, but it has always been one of those huge little kid memories for me. When I thought no one was listening I would sing it to myself and try to hit the notes exactly like my mom did. Because of that connection to my mom and my childhood, it's one of those songs that really hits me in the feeling bone. (Yeah, I don't know what a feeling bone is either, but I didn't want to say "the feels" so there you go.)

For years now I have been singing it to Nate as a lullaby and he still requests it often. Since my mom died last year it's been incredibly hard for me to get through it without choking up. And let me be clear. I have an awful singing voice anyway. So it becomes even more special when I go into this weird monotone rendition so that my mind can disassociate from the special connection. I've felt bad about it and occasionally wonder if Nate notices.

Last night I asked Nate if he wanted to change his current CD and put on Christmas music at bedtime. I could only find classical Christmas music and Nate wasn't in the mood. He told me he would prefer to have a CD of Silent Night instead - with me singing it.  On loop. So apparently if I literally create you, you love my off key, nasal singing even though most everyone else would rather listen to David Hasselhoff. (Even the non-Germans.) Must be some biological thing because I think all babies love their mother's singing, don't they? I know I did.

Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Little ones

Tuesday, December 9, 2014

That elf

Remember how I hate the whole "Santa's good list/naughty list" thing? I don't care if others do it, but it's just not for me, especially with Nate getting anxious over the whole thing. So then this happened after Nate went to school and he found out that ALLLLL of his friends had that piece of overpriced commercialized cr er, delightful scamp in their home:

So what did Santa do? Well Santa sent one, obviously. BUT our Elf on the Shelf does not report back to Santa like a creepy tattletale-r. He's only here to play magical hide and seek as long as Nate is cool with it. His name is Jimmy. I already had to promise Nate that Jimmy would not be hiding in Nate's room at night. I mean, I can't imagine why that would make him uneasy or anything. I would be totally comfortable with a tiny child like man sneaking around my room at night as I slept. (And no, I am NOT going to make a joke here about my husband, even though I set that up PERFECTLY. Because it is almost Christmas, and I need to stay on the nice list.)

Monday, December 8, 2014

School notes

I put a note in Nate's lunch every day. On the days he buys lunch (twice a week), I put the notes in his snack. It's surprisingly hard to come up with different things to say 5 days a week that he can read. Sadly I am not usually feeling super creative late at night when making lunch and often write weird things like, "Happy Dinosaur Day."  He doesn't typically comment on them unless I ask about it. I didn't think he really paid much attention to them at all until he mentioned one day (in response to my note "I am Batman. Love, Mom") that his friend told him that I could not be Batman because I am a girl. After clearing that up - because HELLO...I *am* Batman - I questioned him on how his friend saw my note. Apparently he and his buddy always show each other their notes. Cute. I later learned at a birthday party that the friend gave his mother very specific instructions so that her notes would be just like my notes to Nate. Cute stationary is no longer allowed for lunch notes in their homes, and must be written on a paper towel instead. Here is a typical sample...

I still have these notes because Nate doesn't typically use them (I mean he does have sleeves) and they usually come home in his lunch bag. And then I save them because I am a obsessed with not wasting paper towels. So if you come over and have to use an old, crumpled, written-on paper towel to dry your hands now you know why.

Sunday, December 7, 2014

5 Cousins

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