Saturday, February 7, 2015

Letter to Caroline at 9 months

Hello sweet girl,

You are almost 9 months old and you've become a very active little bug. Your army crawl is VERY fast and you are always sure to flash your charming smile at me as you make a beeline to the heater/wires/wherever you are not supposed to be. Something tells me that you will be a very active toddler and I will be a very tired mama.

I've been using baby sign language with you, just like I did with Nate. You keep practicing and gesturing and I know you are trying your best to communicate with me. You sign  fan, light, more and milk but I'm not sure if many other people would recognize what you're doing yet. I love how intently you watch my hands when I sign as I speak and I'm curious to see what sign you'll pick up next.

You've been babbling up a storm. You say "mama mama" all of the time, but I don't think you really connect it with me yet. However, you have said "dada" a couple of times while looking right at Daddy, so he is totally counting that as your first word. You've also started saying "baba baba" and I like to think you save that for when you're looking at your brother.

 Speaking of Nate, he is very fond of you. He tells me all of the time how great it is to have a sister and how adorable you are. He loves to make you laugh and goes to extremes to do it. I told him to stop hitting himself the other day, but he wouldn't because it made YOU laugh. You two are such weirdos. Wonderful, beautiful weirdos. Unfortunately, I can't for the life of me get a decent picture of you two playing. One or both of you are always a blur.

Let's see. What else have you been up to? We've been trapped in the house for what seems like months due to all the snow, ice and freezing temps. So you spend most of your time in the house. Good thing we have exciting things like CLAPPING to keep us busy. You can't get enough of clapping. And who can blame you? Very entertaining stuff. You've also started working on your high fives since you're such a pro clapper. Baths are also a big hit. You get really mad at me when I end the bath. That's okay though, because (as most parents know), it's super easy to wrangle a wet, wiggly angry baby out of the bath.

You pretty much eat anything I put in front of you. You love finger food and your pincer grip is most impressive. You can pick up and eat smalls square of slipper avocado or tiny bits of fuzz off the rug with no problem. You can also lift the flaps and turn the pages in your vast collection of peekaboo themed books. I've never met a baby so opinionated about their reading material. In addition to peekaboo books, you like books that have things to touch - holes, furry patches (holding back joke now), things that squeak. And you prefer real pictures of animals over cartoon ones. If I try to read you a "regular" board book you usually pick it up and throw it. The only exception is Goodnight Moon, which has been grandfathered in because I have been reading you that book every night since you were two months old - back when you didn't have opinions on books yet.

You've sat up on your own a couple of times in your sleep, but haven't remembered to do it in your waking hours, which is fine by me. I know the next step after that is pulling yourself up in your crib and I can wait on that as long as possible since that will only make sleep more challenging.

You're a good sleeper. You can fall TO sleep and BACK to sleep by yourself, but you have been waking more than I'd like due to first a sickness, then teething, then tummy troubles plus teething. At least you've been napping really well lately. (knock on wood) Over the past month or so you've started to get really cuddly and often hug me or lay your head on my shoulder, especially when you're sleepy. It is absolutely one of the best sensations on earth to have your sleepy little head rest against me.

I love you more than tongue can tell, my little princess.

Love, Mama

UPDATE: Sure enough, you figured out how to get into a sitting position on your own the very next day. And, as expected, you immediately figured out how to pull yourself to standing. You are quite proud of yourself when you pull up in a new location!

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