Sunday, June 21, 2015

Baby sign language (animals): CAT and DOG

Like many babies,  Caroline is very interested in talking about animals, making animal noises (most animals say "mowww" apparently) and reading books with animal pictures. Here is Nate looking at a picture book with CJ and talking about cats and dogs while fittingly sitting in their "nest" of pillows:

Friday, June 19, 2015

End of the year

The year flew by and all of a sudden there are only 3 days of kindergarten left for Nate.  We recently were invited to an "End of the Year" show at the school featuring live entertainment (including a rousing alphabetical version of "Who Let the Dogs Out"), refreshments and a slide show with pictures of all of the big events over the last year.  Here's some proof that we showed up to the show and did not use the time to restock our fake mustache supply even though we're totally out...

The Dads videotaped from their iPhones and the Moms dabbed their eyes with kleenex. I stuffed my bag with brownies when the teacher turned her back and reflected how odd it was that I didn't really feel sad. I don't know if it's because it hasn't really hit me yet or whether it's because my heart is a cold black piece of coal, but I strangely don't feel very emotional about this milestone. Instead of feeling weepy I'm just looking forward to spending more time with him over the summer and watching him continue to grow into the very thoughtful, funny sweet boy that I love so very much.

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