Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Letter to my 6 year old

Dear Nate,

You turned 6 years old last month!  We spent the day at home having "a lazy day" at your request and I didn't even force you to take one my evil 10 minute walks around the block in honor of your special day. Instead, you spent the day very much how I imagine I will spend my 45th birthday:

playing with Star Wars figures in my underwear, baking my own birthday cake, decorating it with skulls, opening presents from our family and making a wish as I blow out the candles.

The weekend after your birthday we celebrated with a bounce party (for the second year in a row). You proclaimed it "your best birthday ever!" which was pretty much the best thing I could hope to hear.

Tomorrow you start first grade and I know that you will have a great year. You're incredibly bright, eager to learn and quick to make friends. At the moment you plan to be an inventor/construction worker when you're older. That would be great, especially having access to the time machine you're excited to create, but I wouldn't be surprised if you ended up being a writer. We've been coming up with some great stories and your ideas are limitless. I love your vivid imagination and off beat sense of humor and can't wait to see where your interests take you.

Speaking of interests, you just started karate and are a very enthusiastic Nate-san. We have to work at practicing kicks away from the direction of your sister's head, but other than that, it seems like a great way to channel all of your energy. 

I'd like to end this little note with a great picture of you and sister, but since you don't like pose much anymore and Caroline is usually just a blur, this will have to do. I think it captures the two of you in your natural element pretty well anyway.

I love you more than tongue can tell. 


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