Tuesday, September 1, 2015

No cook edible play dough for babies

We thought we'd try something new and expose CJ to the wonderful world of playing with dough.  But since she likes to put everything in her mouth, that limits our choices a bit. I don't keep tins of fruit puree around, unfortunately, so I adapted this recipe for edible baby play dough and made ours with:

1 cup cornstarch
1.5 cups baby rice cereal
1 packet of kool aid mix (for color and scent and to dispose of them before Nate drank them and turned into a sugar monster)
3 tbs canola oil
Enough water to turn the mess into a dough ball

I put a bit too much water in the first batch so it ended up too sticky. So I'd recommend adding the water slowly and mixing thoroughly before adding more.  CJ was a bit weirded out by the dough, so of course immediately put it in her mouth.

But that was okay, because it was obviously delicious...

The big kid liked it too, so we decided to save it in the fridge to play with it again.  Luckily it didn't really resemble food and trick Dave into eating it, because I didn't mark it. BUT if you did want an unsuspecting family member to eat it, I'd recommend first forming it into cookie shapes and displaying it on a plate.

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